Orchestra & Opera Conductor


Best Classical Album

"La Viola d'Or" conducted by Diego Martin-Etxebarria chosen by the critic as Best Classical Album at Enderrock Awards 2016.


Winner of Tokyo Competition

Diego Martin-Etxebarria is the winner of the 17th Tokyo International Music Conducting Competition, aswell as the Hideo Saito Award and the Asahi Award.

"Anna Alàs i Jové plays the main role with extraordinary easiness (...). Her voice is light and flexible as her movements."
Der Tagesspiegel

" ... self-assured with herself and her timbre, virtuose understands how to play with the voice colours and has an authentic genius for the scenic"

Stuttgarter Zeitung

"...a warm and flexible voice, a scrupulous musicality and a shining stage presence."
El Punt/Avui

"...smooth and elegant in the sensational coloratura, with a coquet and self confident expression."
Der Westen